My name is       mira ~ .  -

I am a designer based in Perth, WA. I studied at Shillington College in Melbourne, graduating early 2015. Shillington is such an incredible college, and I was really impressed with how they structured their course and how they based their teaching on real-life briefs. The class was set up like a real-life studio and we were treated more like junior designers rather than students. The course really stretched me as a person and as a designer.

I started up Mira Design back in 2012 in my first year of university. I knew I wanted to be a designer and eventually open up a studio but it felt like I was learning more outside of university with my clients than I was in it. So, I thought what the heck – what am I waiting for? And made the bold decision to stop university and just focus on learning through experience and from people in the industry. I tried to take on as many freelance jobs as I could to keep adding to my skill sets and I haven’t looked back since. My focus has always been and always will be on learning and growing in this passion I have.

Design is such a beautiful and powerful thing! I guess I have always had a soft spot for it and have always been aware of it. I was that kid in school that was constantly scribbling in their notepad and creating weird things. I struggle to verbally communicate things sometimes, so the ability to communicate visually is a gift I will always cherish. I think that’s why I value design so much, as it is this output for emotions and feelings that sometimes words alone cannot express.